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Dare to take your dreams to reality.

The All New Emu Park Online venture EasyAs Internet is now up and running. All our affiliate sites are now covered under the EasyAs Internet Umbrella. To streamline, expand and improve our service EPOL, Emu Park Online although separate entities will now come under the EasyAs Internet Banner.


Accounts relating to Emu Park Online and EPOL will be forwarded through our EasyAs Internet Business Accounts.

EasyAs Internet offers many tools to help you to grow your business online. An effective online website can take you to the next level with your products and services.

You can join millions of other businesses who enjoy the benefits of being able to show and sell their services all day every day. There are no borders or limitations except those that you decide to place on your business, You can just as easily sell your products and services in any overseas country as you can right here in Australia. We have truly become part of the global village and the choice to be part of the revolution is your to make.

Browse our site and then contact us to discuss how you can make the move to a web based or webhanced business.

Please note that this site is current under development. EPOL, its agents, staff or affiliates will not be liable for any omissions, errors or incorrect pricing. Your use of the site is strictly on an as is basis.

You can contact us HERE




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